Biden Builds The Wall—But It’s In The Wrong Place


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Old Joe Biden’s handlers are finally doing something right: they’re building a big, beautiful wall, and using $455,000 of your money to do it. There’s just one catch: this new wall, which will no doubt be hugely effective in keeping out all manner of miscreants, is not at the Southern border.

Instead, it’s at Old Joe’s beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware.

That’s right. Cape Gazette reported Thursday that security is being steadily beefed up around the property, which Biden first visited as pretend president back in June. The Cape Gazette report said that “during that visit, Secret Service and local police set up a checkpoint at the North Shores intersection leading to his house, nearby Gordons Pond was closed periodically, and the Federal Aviation Administration issued temporary flight restrictions.” That was just the beginning: “By the time he was in town for a second time, a few months later, the Coast Guard had officially established security zones in the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal and Atlantic Ocean.” And “when Biden visits for a third time, a security fence will either be finished or close to it.”

Well, that’s terrific. We don’t want any drug cartel members or terrorists or human traffickers walking around in the faux president’s vacation digs, which cost him $2.7 million that he earned fair and square doing the people’s work, now, do we? Of course we don’t.

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