Beto Announces He Is Running For Texas Governor

Beto O’Rouke failed in his run for senate in 2018.

He then failed again in his presidential run.

Looks like he isn’t done losing yet.

He just announced he is running for Governor.

From The Hill:

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) announced Monday that he intends to run for governor of the Lone Star State, setting up a heavyweight challenge to Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

O’Rourke, who also ran for Senate in 2018 and for president last year, made the announcement in a fundraising email to supporters, where he touted himself as a unity candidate and railed against “fringe policies and incompetence that we see in Texas today.”

“I am running for governor to serve ALL of the people of Texas,” he said. “I believe that the only way we are going to achieve great things for this state is by looking out for each other and moving forward together.”

In a subsequent video posted on Twitter previewing his run, O’Rourke cast his decision to challenge Abbott as a result of the state government’s bungling of a winter storm earlier this year, during which hundreds of Texans died and millions more were without power due to unusually frigid temperatures.

“This past February when the electricity grid failed and millions of fellow Texans were without power, which meant that the lights wouldn’t turn on, the heat wouldn’t run, and pretty soon their pipes froze and the water stopped flowing, they were abandoned by those who are elected to serve and look out for them,” he said. “It’s a symptom of a much larger problem in Texas right now: Those in positions of public trust have stopped listening to, serving and paying attention to and trusting the people of Texas.”


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