AZ Senate President Predicts AG Will Find Evidence Chain Of Custody Broken–Says State May Take Control Of Election Administration

The Arizona audit completely blew a hole in the Fake News media narrative.

Enough problematic ballots were found to change the results of the election.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann continues to speak out on the audit.

During an interview with John Solomon, she dropped a few bombshells.

The first is that she hinted at Maricopa’s election administration being taken over by the state.

She also predicted that the Arizona Attorney General will find evidence that chain of custody was broken.

From Just The News:

Following the release of explosive findings by an independent forensic audit of the 2020 election in Arizona’s Maricopa County, the state may step in to assume direct control of election administration there before the next election, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann hinted Friday.

Responsibility for determining whether and to what extent laws were broken during the 2020 election now rests with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican with 2022 Senate aspirations.

“If you didn’t do your job, and the laws were broken, somebody has to answer for it, whether it was intentional or not,” said Fann on a recent episode of the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Fann said she believes Brnovich will find evidence, based on the findings in the audit report, that chain of custody laws were broken, as well as laws pertaining to identifying duplicate ballots, among other issues.

The lawmaker told Solomon that one of her biggest takeaways from the audit and the contentious process surrounding the production of the report is that “if you don’t watch over your own elections, people start breaking the rules.”

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