AZ GOP Chair Gives Update On “New Phase” Of Arizona Audit

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Arizona GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward is an American hero.

She just released an update explaining the next phase of the audit in Arizona.

She said they are double-checking the results.

She explains the process in the video.

Then comes the bombshell.

She says the reason for this check “is that there may have been inconsistencies that were found in America’s audit.”

(More on that later)

She then explains that although these checks extend how long the audit takes it is important that the numbers are correct.


Now, yesterday The Palmieri Report reported on AZ Senate President Karen Fann saying that the ballot count does not match the number given.

That was huge news. 

HUGE UPDATE: AZ Senate Leader Says The Ballots Don’t Match The Count In Arizona–Further Findings Expected Soon

This confirms the prior reporting we gave you in early July.

Now, many people are growing weary of how long the audit is taking.

However, it is important to maintain patience.

This audit will be scrutinized by everyone.

They want to make sure that everything is 110% correct and there are no errors.

One important question to ask yourself is:

Would they double-check the count if they had found the numbers that prior audits found?

Doubt it!

Arizona Senate Doing Another Counting Of Ballots–Here Is Why This Is Important

The counting portion of the audit is close to being done.

This update from Dr. Kelli Ward seemingly confirms that yes, this recount is being done to ensure they have the right number because the number they got didn’t add up.

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