AZ AG Receives Records Of Election Law Violations–AZ SOS Shows True Colors

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More shenanigans out of Arizona.

On July 17th, The Palmieri Report reported on the Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich requested voter fraud evidence from Arizona Secretary Of State Katie Hobbs’s office.

AZ AG Asks AZ Secretary Of State For Evidence Of Illegal Voting

Well, she has responded.

In what is a shock to no one Hobbs office responded by accusing Trump and his allies of wrongdoing.

From The Washington Examiner:

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich received records related to “potential violations” of the state’s election laws.

letter from Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’s office — which was sent on Tuesday in response to the Republican attorney general’s request on July 14 asking for “any and all records … related to potential violations of Arizona’s election laws” — states the documents are partly related to a “pressure” campaign by former President Donald Trump’s allies regarding the 2020 election aimed at officials in Maricopa County, where a partisan audit is underway.

She was supposed to provide evidence of double voting.

Jennifer Wright, Brnovich’s assistant attorney general, requested Hobbs to provide “any information from your office regarding potential double voting in the 2018 or 2020 election.” Dul stressed Hobbs is still awaiting a report from the Election Registration Information Center regarding possible instances of people voting twice in the November election.

Here is the ridiculous letter:

Page 2:

Here is an OANN segment on this:


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