Austria: Muslim Migrant Had Machine Gun In His Luggage, Is Now On The Run

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Was he planning a jihad massacre in Austria? Might he still end up committing one somewhere in Europe?

“Was he planning an attack? ‘Refugee’ Syrian has a submachine gun in his luggage,” translated from “Plante er ein Attentat? ‘Geflüchteter’ Syrer hat Maschinenpistole im Gepäck,” Unzensuriert, July 31, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Explosive: Vigilant Hungarian police officers could possibly have prevented the next act of terrorism in Austria. Because when the authorities stopped a smuggler bus that was on its way to Austria with 17 immigrants, the Serbian-Austrian driver stated that a Syrian was traveling with a submachine gun in his luggage.

Terror alert on the eastern border

However, there was no trace of the “refugee.” When the van was stopped by the Hungarian police, the strangers hiding in the hold jumped out and fled in all directions. Whether the man with the gun is trying to cross a green border into Austria can only be speculated. Everything is possible because the smuggler bus was stopped just a few kilometers from the eastern border in the Hungarian district of Vas….

The entry of illegals to Austria continues unchecked despite allegedly improved border protection. Above all in the west of the Mödling district in Lower Austria, there have been numerous attacks by smugglers and immigrants in recent months – mostly along the A21, as the Mödling FPÖ district party chairman Christoph Luisser told Unzensuriert.

The reason for his statement at the time was an accident in a smuggler car in Achau, Mödling district, which hit another car. Then the Hungarian driver ran away. Six Syrians who were on board the car immediately applied for asylum.

Trafficker flees into the forest

Last Thursday, another case in Lower Austria became known. According to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper, there was an attack by the police in Eichkogel after a smuggler dropped off 16 “refugees.” The trafficker jumped out of the vehicle and ran away – nor did he stop when the police fired warning shots. The man was hiding in the forest and is still on the run.

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