Arizona State Senate To Subpoena Routers And Passwords That Are Still Being Withheld?

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The Palmieri Report reported the fact that “critical information” was still being withheld from the auditors.

HUGE UPDATE: AZ Senate “Briefed About Critical Information” Still Being Withheld

Now, we have this.

According to the Arizona audit spokesman Randy Pullen, the Arizona state senate is going to subpoena the routers and passwords that are still being withheld.

From OANN:

Arizona election audit spokesman Randy Pullen said the state senate will subpoena the routers and passwords that are still being withheld by election officials. He announced the state’s plans to issue the subpoena on Wednesday while noting it has been difficult to complete the audit without information on the routers and passwords.

“We have none of that information has been provided to us, and it’s something that the Senate will have to go back to the county and request those items,” explained the spokesman. “So again, it’s very difficult to complete the audit without getting that information.”

Pullen said state senators will determine the timeline for the examination of electronic equipment that was used during the 2020 elections in Arizona. He confirmed the ballot count is now complete, but some electronic data is still raising questions.

“A few minor things still need to be done with respect to some software additions they made,” Pullen stated. “We got some additional information for the county. Apparently there was a difference on how many duplicate ballots there were per batch, so they gave us a new list and so we had to create software that took that data and compared it to our data to deal with the duplicate ballots.”

The state Senate is expected to issue subpoenas in coming days. Additionally, Maricopa County recently announced plans to replace all of its subpoenaed election equipment while noting the county will “never use compromised equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections.”

Stay tuned!

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