Another Witch Hunt Against Trump Falls Apart

Since Trump came down the escalator the media has been dead set on attempting to stop him.

Witch Hunt after Witch Hunt has been launched against him as a way to destroy him.

With each one, the media claimed this was the end of Trump. Months later the witch hunts would fall apart.

They haven’t stopped since Trump has left office either. In New York, both a criminal and civil case has been brought against Trump’s business.

The criminal one just fell apart.

From The Daily Mail:

A high-profile criminal probe into Donald Trump’s finances fell apart when prosecutors working on bringing charges were unable to convince their new district attorney to do so.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg stress-tested his office’s case against Trump behind closed doors on January 24, with prosecutors Carey Dunn and Mark Pomerantz laying out the case against the former president.

A grand jury had already heard the case against Trump in secret, and was set to expire in April, leading to a push to file charges. Doing so would have made Trump the first president – sitting or past – to ever have faced criminal charges.

But Bragg – sworn into office on January 1 – halted the case because his own team couldn’t convince him that Trump had inflated the value of his assets to gain more favorable loan terms on purpose, according to The New York Times.

He was unconvinced that the probe could prove Trump had a criminal intent when doing so, with the president repeatedly denying claims of wrongdoing.

Trump touted it in a statement:

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