Another Dem Senator Defending The Filibuster?

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The left just got more bad news.

Another Democrat senator may save the filibuster.

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has officially not ruled out defending the filibuster.

Kelly would be the third Dem senator to defend the filibuster.

From Just The News:

Arizona Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly says he will “evaluate” any filibuster reform proposal based on “what’s in the best interest of Democrats, Republicans, the country and Arizona.”

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema have said publicly that they oppose eliminating the legislative filibuster, which is the 60-vote threshold needed to advance legislation in the Senate. Many Senate Democrats have stated that they support eliminating it.

Just the News asked Kelly where he stands on the legislative filibuster.

“I served in the Navy for 25 years, I’ve been here about six months, and the United States Senate doesn’t function like any other organization I’ve ever seen, not very efficient,” Kelly replied Thursday on Capitol Hill. “Having said that, I’ll look at any proposal and evaluate it, not based on what’s in the best interest of just Democrats, but what’s in the best interest of Democrats, Republicans, the country and Arizona.”

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