Albany Sheriff Says Cuomo Case Could Lead To An Arrest

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One of the accusers of New York Governor Cuomo has filed criminal charges in Albany County. 

From WYNT:

The woman who accused Gov. Cuomo of groping her in the Executive Mansion has filed a criminal complaint with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office. That’s according to a spokesperson for the sheriff.

The complaint filed Thursday is the first known instance of one of Cuomo’s accusers bringing a case to law enforcement. If sheriff’s investigators confirm the allegations, they could arrest the governor.

The state Attorney General’s report identified this woman as Executive Assistant #1. She says Cuomo reached under her blouse and groped her breast in his office at the mansion.

The woman also told investigators Cuomo had, on various occasions since 2019, grabbed her buttocks, kissed her on the lips, hugged her inappropriately and pried into her personal life.

Now, we have this. 

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said that criminal charges could come from the case.

From ABC News:

The Albany County sheriff said during a press conference that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo could face a possible misdemeanor charge following a criminal complaint filed against him this week.

Sheriff Craig Apple told reporters Saturday that the investigation is in its “infant stages” and the complaint made against Cuomo is “criminal in nature” and the alleged conduct was “sexual in nature.” No reports will be released to the public.


When asked what possible charge Cuomo could face, Apple said: “From what I’ve read so far I can say we’re floating around a misdemeanor, but again, that’s just from the attorney general report.”

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