Alabama Voters are extremely skeptical of allegations against Judge Roy Moore

To no one’s shock, Alabama Voters are very skeptical of the allegations hoisted against Judge Roy Moore.

The Washington Examiner:

Alabama voters are increasingly skeptical of the accusations against GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore, according to new polling released this week that also shows Mr. Moore has recovered his lead in the race.

In the middle of November Mr. Moore had lost his lead in the Change Research survey of voters, but is once again back on top in a survey Monday with a 49-44 advantage, the polling company said.

Perhaps most striking is that Republicans are growing more skeptical of the accusations against Mr. Moore, including that he pursued relationships with teen girls when he was in his 30s, and made sexual advances toward one 14-year-old.


Mr. Moore denies the accusations, which were first made in The Washington Post, and has since characterized his race as a chance for voters to strike back at the political establishment.

It appears to be working.

The margin among voters who believe the allegations versus disbelieve them stands at 42-38, or almost even. Just 10 days ago, the margin was 46-30 in favor of the believers, the poll found.

While the left loses its mind over this common sense doesn’t blame Alabama Voters. Since the reports came out we have seen a variety of things that cast doubt on the allegations.

PAUL NEHLEN: “Sickening anyone would try to smear Judge Roy Moore”

Roy Moore:”The Obama-Clinton Machine’s liberal media lapdogs just launched the most vicious and nasty round of attacks”

Report: Roy Moore accuser worked for Hillary Clinton campaign as interpreter, shared Doug Jones fliers on Social Media

Alabama Pastor: We support Judge Roy Moore”Now more than ever”, “lots of Fake News going around”

Rep Ed Henry: “I’m not buying it” in response to Roy Moore allegations

Roy Moore’s wife: We are gathering evidence that these women were paid to come out

JUDGE ROY MOORE: “The person who should step aside is Mitch McConnell”,”He must be replaced”

Judge Roy Moore’s accuser’s Step-Son: She is lying, stands behind Roy Moore 100%

Report: Judge Roy Moore yearbook signature might be fake

Rep. Mo Brooks: “America faces huge challenges that are vastly more important than contested sexual allegations from four decades ago,”

SHOCK: Dem. Senator Al Franken kissed and groped Leeann Tweeden without consent

BOOM!: Judge Roy Moore was not banned from Mall, former manager claims report is false

WATCH: Gloria Allred refuses to say whether Roy Moore yearbook signature was forged

ALABAMA WOMEN: Judge Roy Moore is “closest thing to a founding father of our time”

WOW: Judge Roy Moore fundraising has “surged” since WaPo hit piece

Now, as I have written throughout my coverage of this we can’t confirm or disprove these claims. Our duty is to bring the truth and allow the Voters to decide on their own.

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