“Agencies Are Covering For The Bidens”–Ron Johnson Blows The Whistle On Biden Corruption

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The corruption among the Biden family continues to be exposed.

During an interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said that “agencies” are covering up for the Bidens.

From Breitbart:

“So, the Secret Service is not being — and so we have asked for — requested for information on that because they have no records of it,” he said. “So, once again, we subpoenaed FBI Director Wray. He slow-walked our request. We basically didn’t get squat. Now Secret Service, they gave us the initial records. Past that point, they haven’t given us squat. What workers they have given are highly redacted. So these agencies are covering for the Bidens. They have always been covering for them. Even though he supposedly ended Secret Service protection, they still apparently provided it as well, but off the books. Who knows what’s happening? These agencies are not being forthright. They’re not being transparent. And, quite honestly, Congress is losing its oversight capability.”

“I have sent two letters with five members of the Homeland Security Committee on it,” Johnson continued. “There’s a law that says, when five members of the Homeland Security Committee request information, the agencies shall turn it over. CDC is not turning us over the records as it relates to the teachers union involvement with some of the CDC’s pronouncement. Or they are also not turning over Anthony Fauci’s unredacted e-mails. So I’m calling on Senator Peters to use the committee to subpoena those records because they’re not responding to our lawful requests, saying that they shall turn those records over to us. This is a huge problem, Maria. The administration is just blowing off Congress.”

Here is the full video:

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