Afghan Refugees Heading To Fort McCoy In Wisconsin–Could Be Thousands

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Here we go.

Refugee resettlement into the US is quietly beginning.

Thousands of refugees are heading to Wisconsin.

From US News:

Hundreds or even thousands of Afghan refugees could be headed to Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin for processing, according to Pentagon officials.

Afghans are scrambling to find ways to escape after the Taliban overran their country over the last week. The Taliban initiated the blitz with U.S. troops weeks away from the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline.

Garry Reid, director of the Department of Defense’s Afghanistan Crisis Action Group, told reporters Monday that the U.S. Army is working to set up reception centers for Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy and Fort Bliss in Texas. He said the Army is preparing to receive as many as 22,000 refugees at the two bases as well as at Fort Lee in Virginia.

Fort McCoy spokeswoman Tonya Townsell told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday that the base, located between Tomah and Sparta, has been notified it will receive refugees and is prepared to house them in soldiers’ barracks as well as provide them with food and medical care.

It is nonsense that refugees are going to come to the US.

They should be going to US allies in the Middle East:

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