Afghan Evacuated By US Detained For Potential ISIS Ties, Up To 100 Others Could Be On Watch Lists

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My latest in PJ Media:

Thousands of Afghans are streaming into the United States, and after all, it’s our duty to come to the aid of those who helped us over there, right? Sure. But are the people who are coming in really the ones who helped us? Not in every case. Defense One reported Tuesday that “security screeners at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar have detected that at least one of the Afghans who was evacuated from Kabul Airport has potential ties to ISIS, a U.S. official confirmed to Defense One.”

This official added that “there’s certainly been a number of them” who triggered alerts. Defense One notes that “the Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System has flagged up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated as prospective recipients of Special Immigration Visas as potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists, a second official said.”

Most of those who are flagged are eventually cleared, but the first official acknowledged that one evacuee “looks like a potential member of ISIS. They’re still working that through.” That is, they’re working through what a Biden administration official called “robust security processing.” The administration official claimed: “That process involves biometric and biographic security screenings conducted by our intelligence, law enforcement and counterterrorism professionals who are working quite literally around the clock to vet all these Afghans before they’re allowed into the United States.”

Yes, they’re certain to do a bang-up job. Another official familiar with the process admitted: “CBP on the ground has old tech and they don’t know how to use it, integrate it.” Even worse, “there’s not enough people to process” all of the refugees.

Then there is the problem of the fact that Biden administration officials are trying to spot something that they don’t admit even exists. The Biden administration claims that Islam is a religion of peace that has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. This has led since the early years of the Obama administration to a wholesale abandonment of study with the State and Defense Departments, as well as the U.S. military, of jihadis’ outlook, motives, goals, and practices. To study such things too closely risks being “Islamophobic.”

In light of that, how can the Biden administration’s screeners even spot the danger signs of this phenomenon, Islamic jihad terrorism, that they refuse to study and understand? What’s more, Sky News reported Monday that “British officials at the airport in Kabul are warning of a spike in impersonations, forged documents and forged passports.”

There is more. Read the rest here.

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