95% Vaccinated Harvard Business School Suspends In-Person Classes After COVID Outbreak


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How many stories like this are there going to be before the political and media elites admit that maybe these vaccines don’t really work, or at the very least don’t work nearly as well as had been anticipated? CBS News reported Monday that Harvard Business School is “reverting to remote learning after beginning the semester with in-person classes, citing a rise in breakthrough COVID-19 cases among its students.” If you didn’t think Harvard Business School was full of the people the Left imagines as the only ones opposing the vaccine, you know, guys with Confederate flags on the back windows of their pickup trucks, that is, the Trump-voting, science-denying, mask-hating great unwashed, you’re right: 95% of Harvard Business School students are vaccinated, and 96% of the school’s employees are vaccinated as well.

Those Harvard Business School students who got jabbed thinking it was their gateway to a resumption of normal life are out of luck. That’s not how all this works. Harvard Business School spokesperson Mark Cautela announced: “With the support of Harvard University leaders, advised by city and state public health officials, we have decided to move all first-year MBA students and some in the second year, to remote learning for the week of 9/27 to 10/03.” Accordingly, according to CBS, “All first-year and some second-year MBA students will take classes online beginning this week. Classes will take place remotely at least until October 3, the school said in a statement.”

The CBS article reports the oddity of it all: “As universities resumed in-person instruction this fall, outbreaks of COVID-19 cases have popped up among students across the nation — despite the fact that many colleges have vaccine mandates, as well as the requirement to wear masks indoors.” Of course, CBS doesn’t give a hint of this, but maybe this new outbreak is an indication that all these vaccine mandates and indoor mask rules don’t do anything to stoop the virus. Nevertheless, “more than 900 institutions of higher learning had vaccine mandates in place as of September 20, with such requirements more prevalent on campuses in Northeastern and Western states, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.”

Despite the growing evidence pointing to the hollowness of the standard approach, however, Cautela was keeping the faith. He said that the move to online instruction came because of “a steady rise in breakthrough infections,” and was being undertaken despite the fact that “contact tracers who have worked with positive cases highlight that transmission is not occurring in classrooms or other academic settings on campus.”

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