63% Of Republicans Think 3rd Party Is Needed

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Huge poll.

63% of Republicans now think a 3rd party is needed.

From The Washington Examiner:

Division by both sides on the directions of the Republican and Democratic parties has helped drive support for a national third party to an all-time high of 62%.

In the latest Gallup survey, just 33% are pleased with the two-party system.

What’s more, former President Donald Trump’s talk about his own “MAGA” party could be playing a role in a spike in GOP support for something new.


I’ve said many times I am unsure if I support a third party. My reasoning for that is simple. Unless the Republican party is able to get 99% of the voters to come to the new party then all it will accomplish is making sure Democrats win every election going forward. With that being said this poll might just be the most important poll we have seen in quite some time.

70% of Independents want a new party.

63% of Republicans want a new party. I bet this number would be even higher if you ensured them that it wouldn’t give Democrats a win in most upcoming elections.

So, the question is what is it that these people are looking for? Both of these groups are clearly tired of the corrupt political establishment in Washington. It is time to give them a new path forward for America.

The bottom line is that Americans are sick and tired of the political establishment.

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