3rd Debate Moderator Suspends Twitter Account…Was It To Hide An Anti-Trump Bias?

The moderator for the third Presidential Debate has suspended her Twitter account to be “cautious”.

The Washington Examiner:

Kristen Welker, White House correspondent for NBC News and host of the final presidential debate, suspended her Twitter account.

After another debate moderator’s Twitter account was allegedly hacked, a spokesman for NBC confirmed to the Washington Examiner on Friday that Welker suspended her account in order to be especially cautious.

Steve Scully, who was slated to be the moderator for the second debate, claimed that his Twitter account was hacked after his account sent out a tweet that read, “@Scaramucci should I respond to trump.”

C-SPAN, Scully’s employer, said that he “did not originate the tweet” and that the Commission on Presidential Debates was investigating the incident “with the help of authorities.”

The tweet in question has since been deleted.

The debate Scully was supposed to moderate on Thursday will no longer be taking place as scheduled. However, it is unclear whether that debate will eventually be rescheduled.

The Gateway Pundit Pointed out the anti-Trump history of past moderators:

The first Presidential debate was a mess with FOX News Chris Wallace destroying his career for good by being so patently biased during the debate. Wallace has always been a Never Trumper but he ruined his career with that one

Next we saw the moderator in the Vice Presidential debate, Susan Page, ask the most outrageous questions of Vice President Pence and we find out she is working on a book with or about Nancy Pelosi.

Then the CPD announced the very next day on Thursday morning this past week that they have unilaterally agreed to hold the 2nd Presidenticial debate online without consulting the President of the United States.

The moderator for that debate, Steve Scully, who was an intern of Joe Biden sent out an anti-Trump message, deleted it and then said he was hacked. We found out he did claimed the same thing years ago.

Will anyone ask why she would need to suspend her account if she had nothing to hide?

It is also quite interesting that these moderators always just happen to not like Trump.

We will keep updating this story.

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