“100% We Will Win…We Are Coming For All Of You”- My Pillow CEO Talks More About His Battle With Dominion, Cancel Culture

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Mike Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s The War Room and talked more about his battle with Dominion.

Dominion filed a lawsuit against Mike Lindell over his voter fraud claims.

To this point, Lindell has shown no signs of backing down even encouraging the lawsuit.

He also said that he would go after everyone who canceled him:

These interviews come after he took on election “criminals” in an interview with Charlie Kirk:

Mike Lindell Takes On Election “Criminals”, Tells Them To Contact Him For Less Prison Time

Lindell also released a documentary on Voter Fraud:

Bannon And Lindell Preview Their Special On Election Fraud

Key Takeaways:

-Mike Lindell said he will go after everyone who tried to cancel him

-He said a ton of retailers left him after he began exposing voter fraud in the 2020 election

-Lindell said we are going to figure out what happened with the machine voter fraud as well as foreign interference

-Mike Lindell: “100%”  we will win this case against Dominion

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