WOW: Sham Jan 6th Committee May Have Just Debunked Their Own Argument

The Sham Jan 6th committee was forced to speak out on Ray Epps after GOP Senators turned up the heat on the topic.

They claimed they interviewed Epps and he said he wasn’t a federal agent.

Sham Jan 6th Committee Speaks Out On Ray Epps–They Are Getting Nervous!

Now, obviously, there is no reason to believe this committee at this point.

They need to produce actual evidence that they checked to make sure Ray Epps wasn’t a fed.

Did they ever ask any federal law enforcement agencies? 

However, let’s take the committee’s words at face value.

Let’s say that Ray Epps isn’t a federal agent.

He has clearly been caught on video inciting people to go into the US Capitol.

This is the exact claim they are making towards Trump–although in Trump’s case it is a massive lie.

So, by their own admission, the purpose of their committee is now completely debunked.

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