Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants To Seize Ballots And Voting Machines In Two Counties

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Update on Election Integrity in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin Election Committee Chair Rep. Janel Brandtjen(R) just issued subpoenas for election evidence in two counties.

From Journal Sentinel:

A Republican state lawmaker sought Friday to seize ballots and voting machines in Milwaukee and Brown counties as conservatives seek to review a presidential election that courts have already determined was decided properly.

What happens next is unclear. A June memo from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Legislative Council suggests the subpoenas may not be valid because neither Assembly Speaker Robin Vos or Assembly Chief Clerk Ted Blazel’s signatures appear on the subpoenas posted on Brandtjen’s legislative home page or provided by Brown County officials.


Election officials in the two counties did not immediately react to the subpoenas or say if they would comply with them. Vos and Blazel did not immediately say whether they signed off on the subpoenas.

Republican Rep. Janel Brandtjen of Menomonee Falls, the chairwoman of the Assembly Elections Committee, issued the subpoenas as part of a wide-ranging examination of an election Joe Biden narrowly won over Donald Trump.

It is starting to heat up in Wisconsin.

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