Why Did Reporters Not Try To Ask Joe Biden Questions?

Video shows Joe Biden struggling to get out of his secret service car.

Now the interesting thing is that you don’t see reporters screaming questions at him. Every time they can we see reporters screaming at President Trump. They throw random questions at him about whatever the hoax of the day is and embarrass themselves in the process. When pressed they claim they are just doing their jobs. So by their own admission, I guess they don’t think their job is to ask Joe Biden questions?

Shouldn’t they call out a candidate who refuses to take questions?

The truth is that they are admitting they don’t care about holding Biden accountable. They simply are showing us that they are only interested in attacking President Trump and helping Joe Biden’s re-election effort.

Here are some questions that the Mainstream Press should be asking Biden:

How can you be trusted to hold China accountable if you have so many conflicts on interest with them?

Why are you refusing to take questions from the press?

How can you prove to Americans that you are mentally fit?

Will the Media ask any of these?

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