Who Bought AOC’s Ticket To Met Gala?

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Yesterday, The Palmieri Report reported on AOC attended the Met Gala with a dress that read “Tax the rich.”

AOC Wears Tax The Rich Dress To Gala It Costs 30K To Attend

Now, we have this.

According to The Daily Mail, AOC was not given a free ticket to attend this year’s Met Gala by Conde Nast.

From The Daily Mail:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not given a free ticket to attend this year’s Met Gala by Conde Nast and neither was Mayor Bill de Blasio, despite the former’s claim that she was ‘invited as an elected official’ to the ultra-elitist, $35,000-a-head event.

The socialist firebrand had justified her attendance at the elite event by suggesting she’d been invited to attend for free as someone who ‘oversees’ New York City’s ‘cultural institutions’.

But DailyMail.com can reveal she was not given a free ticket.

Sources who helped organize the event confirmed on Tuesday that neither she nor Mayor Bill de Blasio – who attended the event with his wife and son – were gifted tickets by Conde Nast, which means it is likely someone paid for them to attend – but it’s unclear who.

Neither de Blasio nor AOC would reveal who footed the bill on Tuesday.

This is what AOC tweeted yesterday:

AOC suggested she'd been invited by The Met Gala or Conde Nast but DailyMail.com can reveal Conde Nast did not comp her ticket, nor did it comp Mayor Bill de Blasio's

Will AOC answer who paid for the tickets?

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