The 2019 NFL Draft is over, and your favorite team may (or may not) have settled their pressing needs.

I tweeted out a reaction to the first day, and there were three points that I would like to address.

1). The Cardinals really should not have drafted Kyler Murray, but rather build around Josh Rosen.

This is not a dig at Kyler Murray by any means. He’s a great player: very strong arm, accurate, can extend plays and use his legs to turn nothing into something. But Arizona had traded up to number 10 to draft Josh Rosen in 2018.

I’ll admit that Rosen disappointed in 2018, finishing with 2278 yards, 11 touchdowns to 14 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 66.7. To be fair, Rosen had to try to do it all himself.  The Cardinals had no offensive line, an aging Larry Fitzgerald, and David Johnson a year removed from a torn ACL. If that wasn’t bad enough, their defense was awful, finishing 26th in scoring and 20th in total yards. How can any quarterback succeed with a team this bad?

Something tells me that Rosen could turn into the next Brett Favre. He’s young and athletic. Scouts touted him as the most pro-ready quarterback in the 2018 class. I hope that proves to be the case after the Miami Dolphins traded their second-round pick and a fifth rounder in 2020 to Arizona to get him.

Speaking of Miami…

2). The Dolphins made a great pick taking Christian Wilkins.

I will admit, I had read different columns suggesting that the Dolphins make trades to get plenty of draft picks. I was hoping that this would be the route that they would have taken, as they have too many holes to fill up and down the roster, and getting as much draft capital as possible was probably the best way to start their long overdue rebuild.

Then they stood pat at No. 13 and took Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins. Honestly, I would have rather seen the tank, but considering this was the alternative, I can’t say I hate this move.

In fact, I love it. A lot.

Wilkins, a three-time first team All-American, finished his collegiate career with 250 tackles, including 41 for a loss and 16 sacks in 56 games. He’ll fill a huge hole that the Dolphins needed to fill after releasing Ndamakung Suh.

3. The Giants reached to take Daniel Jones

I get it, the Giants needed a quarterback. They knew Murray wasn’t going to sit very long, and maybe they should have tried to swing a deal with Arizona (either for the No. 1 pick or for Rosen, either one).

Dwayne Haskins, who chucked 50 touchdowns to just 8 interceptions last year for Ohio State, was sitting them right in the face. All they had to do was pull the trigger, and they would have had Eli Manning’s successor.

They pulled, but the aim was in the wrong direction, as New York took Daniel Jones out of Duke. And oh boy, were Giants fans mad.

Jones is not the most dynamic passer. His 6.4 yards per attempt and average 1.4 touchdowns per game are not going to excite you. But there was something New York loved about him.

General manager Dave Gettleman tried to justify drafting Jones that early by saying that he feared two teams that met with the Duke product, Washington and Denver, would have snagged him before the Giants had another shot at it with the 17th pick. Of course, that fear was blown way out of proportion after the Broncos traded the 10th to Pittsburg.

So now the Giants basically have Eli Manning 2.0, while the Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles all have quarterbacks that can and will tuck it and run when the play breaks down in front of them. Real nice.