“Watch What Is Happening”–Trump Releases Statement On Audits Taking Place Across US

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45th President Donald Trump just released a statement talking about the evidence of voter fraud that continues to surface in numerous states. 

He pointed out that the mainstream media is covering it up and in a big way.

Here is the statement:


Let’s take a look at what is going on in many of these states.


Arizona was the first state to unravel the steal.

They are officially on their third count of the ballots(to ensure the audit has the correct number)

Arizona Senate Doing Another Counting Of Ballots–Here Is Why This Is Important

According to sources within the audit, fraud is expected to be found in Arizona.

Although, nothing should be considered final until the report is out.

Massive Arizona Audit Update


The election steal is beginning to unravel in Georgia as well.

The Federalist wrote an article titled “new evidence indicates enough illegal votes in Georgia to tip 2020.”

This article outlines another 35,000 Georgia residents who could have voted illegally.

New Evidence Proves Trump Won Georgia?

100k names are coming off of the voter rolls:

100K Names Being Removed From Georgia Voter Rolls

Another claim was that there are Up To 20K “Probably False Ballots” in just Fulton County alone:

Plaintiff: Up To 20K “Probably False Ballots” In Fulton County–More Votes Than Biden Won Georgia By!

One thing to pay attention to in Georgia is that it isn’t just illegal ballots that are being proven.

We have seen that the election system was corrupt in Georgia.

Georgia Investigator’s Notes Expose Major Election Issues In Atlanta


Things are just beginning to heat up in Pennsylvania.

We now have an audit like the one in Arizona beginning.

HERE WE GO: PA Initiates Full Forensic Audit

Hopefully, all states follow in the footsteps of Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

However, it is important to remember that just these three states are enough to flip the election.

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