WaPo: Trump Bringing In Huge Fundraising Numbers–Consistently Raising More Than $1M Per Week

The MAGA movement continues to get stronger. 

A new article from The Washington Post outlined that even out of office Trump is still gaining huge fundraising hauls.

The report outlines that Trump is consistently raising more than $1 million per week.

This can all be used to take on the RINOs in the GOP.

From The Washington Post:

Just how much Trump is raising and spending remains a matter of some speculation, as the groups he now operates are only required to report their donations to the Federal Election Commission twice a year. At the end of July, the last reporting date, the three principal fundraising operations he was using declared more than $100 million in cash on hand.

Through an aggressive push of text messages, emails, events and ads, advisers say, Trump has consistently been raising more than $1 million per week, with totals often nearing $2 million.

The fundraising haul puts his political operation, which has so far reported giving little to other candidates or causes, among the largest in the country, dwarfing organizations set up to raise money nationwide. The National Republican Senatorial Committee declared less than $30 million in cash at the end of September and the National Republican Congressional Committee had $65 million in cash at the same point.

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