Vaxxed Fox Host Lashes Out At Fauci/Communist China After Getting COVID For 2nd Time

Fox News Host Kennedy unloaded on Dr. Fauci and the Chinese communist part after getting COVID for the 2nd time.

She is vaccinated.

From NOQReport:

Fox Business host Kennedy had some words for Anthony Fauci and the vaxx-nannies of our country after catching Covid for the second time despite being fully-vaccinated. As she noted, she caught the disease from someone who was also fully-vaccinated. Based on what we’re constantly told by the powers-that-be and their minions in government and media, this shouldn’t be the case.

Kennedy’s not happy, saying, “I recently had Covid… again. So the virus has once again become intensely personal, and now I’m pissed. Like many of you, I took all the recommended steps and took the necessary precautions, but like a fool I figured if I had been previously infected and vaccinated, well, I’d be safe.”

She went onto discussing the lies about Covid’s origins, noting that with a “normal” virus she would be fully protected but since this one was manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party, EcoHealth Alliance, and others, the virus isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.

“As a vaccinated person, I contracted Covid from another vaccinated person,” she said. “So whoever is still chirping that this God-forsaken bug is being solely transmitted by the unvaccinated is also full of the hottest garbage and they suck, too.”

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