Two More House Democrats Not Seeking Re-Election — Bring Number To 28

Nancy Pelosi’s house majority is falling apart.

Dem Reps. James Langevin and Rep. Jerry McNerney have announced they will not seek re-election.

28 Democrat House Reps have now retired.

From The Daily Mail:

Two more House Democrats announced Tuesday they would retire from Congress at the end of their terms, bringing the total to 28 amid polls that show President Biden’s party in danger of losing its majority.

Rep. James Langevin, an 11-term lawmaker from Rhode Island who serves on the coveted House Armed Services Committee, announced his decision in an op-ed Tuesday.

He said it was ‘time for me to chart a new course, which will allow me to stay closer to home and spend more time with my family and friends.

His announcement came on the same day California Rep. Jerry McNerney announced he would leave Congress at the end of his term.

‘Today I am announcing that I will not seek reelection in California’s newly created 9th Congressional District,’ he Tweeted – pointing to the redistricting that has scrambled the state map.

Newt Gingrich predicted that more than 30 will end up not seeking re-election.

From Newsmax:

House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Monday he agrees with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that more than 30 of the chamber’s Democrats could retire before the year is out, considering the constraints lawmakers are under.

“First of all, the House under Nancy Pelosi is not a very happy place, with all the COVID restrictions, all the voting by absentee, all the different things they are doing, the masking, the police requirements,” Gingrich said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Members get corrected walking on the floor. I walked on the floor recently and I was astonished that to get on the floor of the House, you go through sort of a TSA system with a policeman watching you, as though you are some subservient person who is a danger to your colleagues.”

He added that he thinks Democrats are looking forward and are concerned about being in the minority.

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