Twitter is beginning​ its censorship of The Palmieri Report

Twitter is beginning its Censorship of The Palmieri Report. It was brought to my attention that some of my followers weren’t able to share or like my posts.

After hearing this I did an investigation into it and realized that this has happened to many others that followed me. Now, this is nothing new for conservatives on Twitter. Countless videos on Youtube have showcased this very same thing happening when people try and share/like other conservatives content.

Yesterday Donald Trump Jr, brought Twitter’s censorship to the forefront.

The Palmieri Report is also facing this type of Censorship:


The account that viewed this tweet had all of its privacy settings switched so that it should have allowed the content to be seen. The tweet still can’t be seen by the account. It is clear that as our audience has grown Twitter has begun its censorship of our content. It is now more important than ever to share our articles and to let me know if you experience any more of this censorship on our content.

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