Tucker Exposes Shrinkflation – Points To Government Cover-Up

Tucker Carlson is a must-watch news program every night. He is the only one on cable news who is telling the truth in the face of lying from the media. 

He just did a segment on “Shrinkflation.” Shrinkflation, as Tucker described it, is basically those making products giving you less of a product than you normally get. This is more subtle than regular inflation which is right in your face.

Here are the examples given:

The Amount of Cheerios you get has dropped from 19.3oz to 18.1oz.

You are getting 18 fewer sheets in “Bounty triple” paper towels. 

Bag of Doritos has gotten smaller – we now get 5 fewer chips per bag.

He then dropped another bombshell.

The government is supposed to track this but magically they aren’t doing a great job of tracking it. Tucker pointed out that the reason for this is that they don’t want you to know just how bad it really is.

Why this matters:

-Shrinkflation is impacting all Americans and is harmful just like inflation

-The government isn’t telling the American people about this

-This further proves that the government is skewing numbers and data to make the state of the economy look better than it really is

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