“Trumparilla” MAGA Boat Parade Takes Place In Tampa

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The MAGA movement is stronger than ever.

A giant MAGA boat parade took place in Tampa earlier today.

From WTSP:

The global pandemic shelved the official Gasparilla Pirate Festival until next year, though boaters hit the water for their own sort of parade and protest.

Two conservative groups set sail Saturday morning in support of an annual Tampa Bay tradition. It was back in February when Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla announced the organization was canceling the event which, in addition to hundreds of boats on the water, hosts a land parade as the main attraction.

The Tampa Bay Young Republicans set up an official (but unofficial) Gasparilla Facebook page to invite people to sail from downtown Tampa to Beer Can Island.

“ARRGHH!” the group wrote. “Pirates don’t cancel invasions and they don’t take orders from tyrants! If the Bucs can throw a boat parade, so can Ye!”

You can click here to go to the Trumparilla website.

Here is what the about page reads:

It was a natural fit! One day ‘Patriot Entrepreneur’ Cliff Gephart called ‘Professional Provocateur’ Dion Cini and said – “the liberal Mayor of Tampa cancelled the 105th Annual Gasparilla” which they both replied at same time – “let’s replace it with Trumparilla” and BOOM, it was born.

We believe that “cancel culture” only exists to the weak and cowering, not to the real Patriots. Unless of course you’re football or hockey team, as the Tampa Mayor “granted” their boat parades. Ironically no permission is needed, as boats are on Federal waterways.

Both Cliff and Dion have dedicated their lives to supporting a President Trump’s America First agenda. Together they have hosted dozens of Trump Rallies, Parades and #OperationFlagDrop’s from coast to coast. So once again they’ve setout to reinvigorate Americans by creating a 3 day President Trump Festival, centered by Boat Parade, in regions across America and soon The World!

Trumparilla is more than a Boat Parade, Rally or a Party. Trumparilla is an American First celebration of American Exceptionalism. We also threw in a Pirate theme, just for the fun of it! From sea to shining sea and all the lakes & rivers in between, we are creating the largest and most fun Trump Boat and Festival series ever, coming to a region near you soon.

Here is RSBN’s coverage of the boat parade:


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