Trumps meeting with Xi Jinping is one of extreme importance​

Axios was told that Trump will host Xi Jinping at Key-Largo for two days in early April. There will no golf between these two this meeting is going to be strictly business.

This meeting is of extreme importance to both sides. Not only does Trump plan on straightening out the unfair trade deals that have plagued America but also deal with the issues we are seeing in the Pacific. These issues include America’s backing of South Korea and Japan as well as Trumps phone calls with Taiwan.

It is very likely that if another World War was going to start it would be against the Communist Chinese and their constant backing of North Korea and the backing of their building of nuclear power.

Trump must be tough on Xi and needs to make sure he keeps American interests first. Rolling over is not an option. The Chinese can no longer support North Korea and their building of a nuclear arsenal. With that being said Trump must create a good relationship with President Xi Jinping or the consequences could lead to war down the line.


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