Trump’s Chief Of Staff Tried To Get “Italygate” Investigated By The DOJ

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Huge report.

According to emails obtained by the New York Times, Trump’s Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows asked the DOJ to probe multiple election fraud claims.

One of those was that votes were being switched in Italy.

According to the New York Times, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen refused to set up a meeting between the FBI and a man who was pushing “Italygate.”

From The Hill:

Former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows pushed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to probe multiple unfounded theories about the 2020 presidential election in the weeks leaking up to President Biden’s inauguration, according to newly obtained emails reported by The New York Times.

The Times said that it obtained five emails from December and January between Meadows and Jeffrey Rosen, the acting attorney general at the time, showing Meadows pressing the DOJ head to look at multiple election fraud claims that were circling on the internet.

The debunked theories Meadows reportedly asked Rosen to investigate in the emails included one that said voting machines were remotely controlled by people in Italy with military technology that were able to switch votes from former President Trump to Biden.

According to the emails cited by The Times, Rosen said he refused to entertain the theories and refused to set up a meeting between the FBI and a man who was pushing the Italy conspiracy theory, known as “Italygate.”

The times then said that the emails indicated that “Italygate” was not even looked into by the acting Attorney General.

The Times reported that the emails and people close to Rosen indicated he did not investigate the claims Meadows asked him about. The emails were reportedly found during a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into whether officials in the DOJ participated in efforts to overturn the election.

The Palmieri Report has no knowledge of whether Italygate is true or false.

It does seem odd, however, that the DOJ would simply refuse to investigate claims. 

If it was false why not debunk it?

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