Trump’s​ new Executive Order: Buy American, Hire American

Donald Trump is going to sign a two-part executive order that will reform the H- 1 B Visa program.

The first part “hire American” is going to force the federal government to hire qualified American workers. The order does this by awarding visas to the highest qualified applicants without bypassing Americans who are qualified for those jobs.

According to a Trump Senior Adminstrion Official, this will stop “the flooding of relatively low-wage, low-skill workers in the tech sector,”

This first part of the Executive Order will force employers in these fields to hire qualified American workers and not use the H-1 B Visa system to higher less skilled, lower wage workers.

The second part is Buy American, this forces certain agencies to favor American-made goods and services when using taxpayer dollars on federally funded projects.

Secretary of Commerce Wilmur Ross has 220 days to overlook these agencies to make sure all loopholes are patched up.

With this will come stricter accountability for those hiring. Trump Senior Officials claim that the message is clear to employers and if they don’t follow the “America first” policies they would be held accountable.

This is Trump hitting a home run on his nationalist agenda once again. He is putting the helping of qualified American people and top-grade American products at the forefront of his mission.

This is an order that is directly tailored to working class Americans who were Trumps main supporters during the election.



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