Trump Predicted Biden’s Failures (VIDEO)

A new video shows Trump’s predicting exactly how Biden would fail – it is a must-watch.

From Red State:

Admittedly, it wasn’t hard to see what would happen if Democrats put their agenda into motion. Disaster usually tends to follow assaults on the economy and the implementation of radical left strategies. That said, it’s almost as if the left wanted to prove Trump correct in his predictions.

In a very well done video, Biden is giving a scripted speech about predictions the GOP had made before the election, but someone cut it with Trump soothsaying to a crowd about the issues that would arise the moment the left seized power.

Trump foretells of a grab at your firearms and predicts that instead of an all-around ban (which is impossible) they’ll try to restrict your firearms usage incrementally, one type of firearm at a time. Which they are doing.


Click to watch the full video

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