Trump Calls Out Fox News/MSM Election Fraud Cover-Up–Cites State Lawmakers Calling For Decertification

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Are you starting to feel the tide turn?

Trump released another strong statement.

He began his statement by blasting the mainstream media over their cover-up of the 2020 election steal.

He reiterated all of the fraud that was mentioned in yesterday’s hearing.

168k ballots printed on illegal paper.

74k mail-in ballots that were never mailed.

11k voters added to voter rolls after the election but voted in the 2020 election.

He then reminded everyone of how early Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden.

Fox News called Arizona before anyone could have known that Biden was going to “win”(he didn’t) Arizona.

We reported on this:

UNREAL: Fox News CEO Personally Made Decision To Call Arizona For Biden?

Never forget that Fox News predicted the Dems would gain in the House and ended up having to retract it.

So, it is true that Fox News election night coverage was a disaster.

He then touted what can be done next.

He quoted three Arizona state lawmakers who have called for either decertification or indictments.


From AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers:

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