Top Schumer Aide Received FBI Intel About Possible Violence On Jan 6th – Was Never Given To Capitol Police

Top Schumer aide Kelly Fado received intel from the FBI warning that Jan. 6 protesters might violently storm the Capitol. Somehow this intelligence was never given to the Capitol police.

From Just The News:

FBI intelligence warning that Jan. 6 protesters might violently storm the Capitol, target lawmakers and blockade Democrats in tunnels was never sent to frontline police commanders and officers, but was quietly emailed the night before to a top aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to documents that raise new concern that politics trumped security preparedness in the fateful hours before the riot.

The information explicitly warned that demonstrators had detailed maps of the tunnel systems around the Capitol frequented by lawmakers and their staffs and they were plotting to create a “perimeter” for potential violence and to find “Democratic members early to block them from entering the Capitol.” One point of entry the rioters were targeting was the Library of Congress, he warned.

“Similar to the intelligence already in IICD’s possession prior to January 5, the FBI SIR and the warning regarding the tunnel system were not elevated to USCP leadership,” the report noted as one of many intelligence and security failures of the department’s leadership.

It is now becoming clear that someone dropped the ball on January 6th. The bottom line is that had proper security measures been intuited there would have been no riot. Those who attacked officers would have been arrested right away and no-one would’ve entered the US Capitol.

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