“They Were Trying To Take Down A President”–Trump Speaks Out On His Firing Of James Comey

45th President Donald Trump spoke out on his decision to fire James Comey during an interview with Mark Levin.

According to Trump, had he not fired James Comey he may not have survived four years in office.

Trump added, “they were trying to take down a President.”

From Left-wing Mediaite:

“Hillary Clinton was behind most of this,” Levin summed up loosely that only an opinion host can get away with, presented without facts or evidence. “What do you want to say to Hillary Clinton?”

“I think it is disgraceful. I think I always knew it was a hoax,” Trump replied before explaining his experience in dealing with the Russian collusion narrative.

“Don’t forget, I fired Comey, had I not fired Comey you might not be talking about the beautiful book,” Trump said, suggesting that, had he not replaced the then-FBI Director James Comey with Christopher Wray, an investigation may have ended his four years in the White House.

“I fired Comey, that whole group, now that group is coming back again? I mean, it is not believable. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

Of course, the media and left are trying to spin this saying Trump is admitting to obstruction of justice.

This clearly isn’t the case.

What Trump was pointing out is that the Deep State would not have stopped with the witch hunts.

By firing James Comey the protector of the Deep State was gone.

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