The Palmieri Report is expanding and I couldn’t​ be happier

The Palmieri Report is going to go through some major changes over the next month or so. For starters we are going to ramp up the amount of news pushed out. There is so much news out there that needs to be covered and I am going to make sure we reach as much as we can. Look out for around one longer article per day with a bunch of smaller articles/videos. We are going to continue our fight against corruption in Washington and the corruption in America society today. We are going to continue our fight against political correctness and give people the courage to speak up whether they hold popular opinion or not. People should be able to speak their mind without the fear of persecution due to their political beliefs. We will continue the fight and with it continue to grow as a website and community.

My next announcement is that on March 6th I will be launching my first talk show on YouTube. This talk show is going to be a political one and is going to go through many stages. Initially, I am going to do videos topic by topic. These videos will stretch from 15-30 minutes and touch on one topic. As the channel grows I am then going to launch an actual show. This show will be 1-2 hours and will touch on all the news of the day. This is likely going to be much further down the line due to the fact it is going to be hard to produce a show of that length with my current schedule.

This show has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I love writing but there is truly something special about people being able to hear you speak. There is truly something special about using a visual form of media to express ones opinion. Pairing the growing website with what will be a fantastic news show is going to be like playing with fire around gasoline, an explosion is soon to follow.


-I will be launching some sort of Sports show as well but I’m not sure when that is going to be.

– I don’t have a title for the either of the shows yet so I am open to any ideas

– This show may change how many articles are posted on the actual website but as of right now I have no plans to limit my everyday posting.

-I will accept guests on the show so if you’re interested contact me.

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