U.S Steel calling back approximately 500 workers thanks to Trump Tariffs

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U.S Steel announced it would call back around 500 workers thanks to Donald Trump’s Tariff announcement. U.S Steel: United States Steel Corporation (NYSE:X) announced today it will restart one of two blast furnaces (“B” blast furnace) and the steelmaking facilities at its Granite City Works, an integrated steelmaking plant in Granite City, Ill.  The additional capacity […]


NARRATIVE FAIL: Russia 5th biggest importer of steel to U.S will get hit with Trump tariff

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While the media and the left continue to cry about Russia Trump collusion the facts continue to not back them up. Top 11 sources by country of U.S. steel imports. #FoxNewsSunday pic.twitter.com/ZxZA0jA2OY — Fox News (@FoxNews) March 4, 2018 These tariffs would only hurt the Russian economy. Any country who would be colluding with a foreign government […]

TRUMP IN TARIFF MEETING: ‘I need to take care of my base’

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According to an Axios report Trump continually talked about taking care of his base during a Tariff Meeting. Axios: Cohn and Porter argued on one side, and Navarro and Ross fought on the other. (This was an adhoc meeting so the other senior officials who are against Navarro and Ross — James Mattis, Rex Tillerson, […]