2018: 10x as many people killed in Mexico than war-torn Afghanistan

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Breitbart News analyzed data from people killed in Mexico and in Afghanistan and found that Mexico is 10x deadlier than Afghanistan. Breitbart: The number of people killed in Mexico in the first quarter of 2018, at 7,667, is more than ten times higher than the 763 civilian deaths in war-ravaged Afghanistan during the same period, […]


Van Jones thinks we should deal with drug traffickers with ‘more compassion’

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After Donald Trump announced that he wants to hand down the death penalty to drug traffickers in certain cases. Fox News: The White House announced Sunday that it intends to seek the death penalty for certain drug traffickers “where appropriate under the law” in a bid to slow down the country’s opioid epidemic. The White […]

America’s second gravest threat: Mexican Drug Cartels

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90 percent of heroin consumed in the United States has been linked back to Mexico and their Drug Cartels. This comes from the Washington Free Beacon which got their info from a recent State Department report. Now this news is not shocking by any means. The Drug Cartels have been a dark cloud over Mexico […]