New Report boasts 94 ISIS members dead from MOAB strike

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The American militaries MOAB strike was initially reported to have claimed the lives of 36 ISIS terrorists. That number has now grown to 94. According to a Nangarhar Province “The number of Daesh (ISIS) fighters killed in the US bomb in Achin district jumped to 94, including four commanders,” Some initial freelance journalist’s reports from the […]


WOW: Donald Trump drops MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan

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After months of deliberation, the U.S Miltary finally announced the dropping of the MOAB on an ISIS tunnel in Afghanistan. The attack comes days after Green Beret Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar was killed fighting Islamic extremists in the region. The MOAB bomb is the most destructive non-nuclear weapon in America’s arsenal. Here is CNN’s […]