Syrian terrorists planned gas attack on Australian​ airline

According to The Australian Islamic State Militants in Syria planned a gas attack on an Australian airline.

A family of suspected Islamist ­extremists allegedly plotted to bring down an Australian commercial jet by gassing the passengers, in what authorities believe was a major terrorist attack plan orchestrated by Islamic State milit­ants from within Syria.

Travellers were warned last night to expect major delays at the nation’s airports as authorities rolled out extra security measures to counter what sources said was a fast-moving, still unfolding terror conspiracy, the full extent of which was not yet known.

Four Lebanese Australians were in custody after police swooped on the cell and thwarted what they will allege was a sophisticated ­attempt to kill hundreds of people by crashing a civilian plane.

Airports around the country were on heightened alert as ­counter-terrorism police worked to learn all they could about the operation. It was only on Wednesday that police received intellig­ence about the alleged cell from authorities overseas.

Malcolm Turnbull described the alleged plot as “major’’ and “elaborate’’ and said the government would impose extra security on airports across the country.

This comes a few weeks after Trump stopped the funding of anti-Assad rebels in Syria. As many know these rebels have ties to the Islamic state in Syria.

“At this time, we don’t have a great deal of information on the specific attack, the location, date or time. However, we are investig­ating information indicating that the aviation industry was potentially a target of that attack,’’ Mr Colvin said.

The Australian has been told the men were allegedly constructing a “non-traditional’’ device, one that would kill the occupants of the plane with poisonous gas.

Multiple sources have told The Australian the four, who were ­related by blood and marriage, were constructing an explosive ­device that could have emitted a toxic, sulphur-based gas that would have killed or immobilised everyone on the aircraft.

It is understood the device was in the final stages of readiness, prompting police to swoop. It is understood the men were not known to counter-terrorism police before the weekend’s operation, with the most serious matter against any of the four being a negligent driving offence.

Yet at some point the men ­appear to have allegedly become highly radicalised.

The four men were arrested on Saturday after heavily armed NSW police officers raided five properties, two in Punchbowl, one in Lakemba and one in Wiley Park — all in Sydney’s southwest — and one in inner-city Surry Hills. The Australian has been told the men are dual nationals.

This gives us more evidence to question the Gas attacks that we have seen in Syria. Months ago Assad was blamed for gas attacks on his own people. He claims that it was the rebels behind the attack. At the time of the attack, we covered the reasons that the United States shouldn’t jump to conclusions right away on who was behind the chemical attacks.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani calls for investigation into Syrian chem strikes

Syrian chemical attacks were carried out by Rebels not Assad.

Putin says Syrian chem attacks “false flag”



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