Southwest Employees Allegedly Just Got Massive Win Against Vax Mandate

Vaccine mandates continue to impact American workers all around the country.

The Biden administration is trying to bully employers into implementing them on their employees.

It looks like employees of Southwest airlines might have just gotten a major win.

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This isn’t the first victory for the brave Southwest Airlines employees who decided to fight back rather than putting their arms out for company policy. In mid-October, one day after employees carried out a peaceful protest outside Southwest Airlines headquarters in Dallas, the company announced it will not be putting employees who are seeking exemptions to vaccine mandates on unpaid leave.

“The employee will continue to work, while following all COVID mask and distancing guidelines applicable to their position, until the accommodation has been processed,” according to an internal note sent to employees that was obtained by Fox Business.

“Earlier this month, Southwest became the latest airline to require its employees to get inoculated by Dec. 8, although it still gave employees the option to apply for medical or religious exemptions,” the report said.

“The Dallas-based carrier said it began mandating vaccines for its 54,000 employees in order to comply with new rules from the Biden administration requiring companies with federal contracts to have a fully vaccinated staff,” the report added.

Southwest’s CEO Gary Kelly earlier said in an interview on ABC News’ “Good Morning America” that employees would not be terminated over the company’s vaccine mandate, despite earlier company correspondence to the contrary.

“We are not going to fire any employees over this,” Kelly said.

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