Sham Jan 6th Committee Looking To Change US Election Law

Did the sham Jan 6th committee just admit that Trump’s request to Mike Pence throw out election results was legal election law?

The Sham Jan 6th committee is now looking to change US election law.

The law they are changing is the one that Trump attorney John Eastman cited and gave to Mike Pence.

The law is the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

From Just The News:

The U.S. House of Representatives Jan. 6 committee members are looking to change the election law that former President Donald Trump tried to use to convince his Vice President Mike Pence to throw out the results of the 2020 election in Congress.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that these congressional committee members are “arguing that the ambiguity of the statute puts democracy itself at risk.”

The Electoral Count Act of 1887 was passed following the disputed election of Republican President Rutherford B. Hayes over Democrat Samuel Tilden, who won the popular vote. The law elaborates upon the U.S. Constitution by describing the procedure for certifying electoral votes in Congress.

Trump attorney John Eastman interpreted the act as allowing Pence to pick electors from pro-Trump states to vote to keep the 45th president in power, according to the Times.

The committee calls the act “severely flawed” and recommended changes, including “limiting the grounds for a lawmaker to object to counting a state’s votes and clarifying that the vice president’s role in the process is merely ministerial, and thus lacking the authority to unilaterally throw out a state’s votes. It has also recommended setting clearer time limits for states to choose electors,” the Times reports.

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