Sham Jan 6th Committee Chairman Wants To Talk With Mike Pence

The sham Jan 6th committee chairman Bennie Thompson is now openly asking for Pence to take to the committee.

This comes as Mike Pence gears up for a run in 2024.

From CNN:

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, wants to hear directly from then-Vice President Mike Pence, who certified the 2020 presidential election despite an extensive pressure campaign led by then-President Donald Trump and his allies to halt the process.

Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, wants Pence to voluntarily speak with the panel about what he witnessed on January 6 and the conversations he was privy to in the days leading up to it, which could provide extensive insight to the panel’s investigation.

“I would hope that he would do the right thing and come forward and voluntarily talk to the committee,” Thompson told CNN in an interview Tuesday.

“We have not formally asked. But if he offered, we’d gladly accept. Everything is under consideration.”

Thompson made note that Pence’s decision to disregard the pressure campaign he was under put him at extreme risk from the rioters on January 6.

“His life was at risk,” Thompson said. “There were people who had gallows erected on the lawn of the Capitol ostensibly to hang the vice president. There were people on them threatening the life of the vice president. The vice president could not leave the Capitol of the United States because of the riot. He was sequestered in an area in the Capitol. So his life was in danger.”

This is a much different tone than how they have talked to other targets of this committee.

Pence has previously said he would evaluate any requests from the sham Jan 6th committee as they came in.

Mike Pence Speaks Out On If He’ll Cooperate With Jan 6th Committee

One of Pence’s most corrupt aides is already working with the committee:

Top Pence Aide Cooperating With Sham Jan 6th Committee

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