Sarah Palin Cheered After Saying She Won’t Get COVID Vax

Sarah Pailin was cheered loudly by a TPUSA crowd after she blasted Dr. Fauci and came out against the COVID vaccine.

She also vowed to protect her kids against the COVID vaccine.

From The Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin says she’ll get the COVID-19 vaccine ‘over my dead body’ because she claims Dr. Anthony Fauci misled the public by saying that those who have been infected with coronavirus had natural immunity.

‘So at the time we were led to believe we wouldn’t need to have the shot. Well, then they changed their tune. Those of us who have had Covid, they’re telling us that even though we’ve had it – we have natural immunity – now that we still have to get a shot.’

She added: ‘And it’ll be over my dead body that I get a shot.

‘I will not. I won’t do it and they better not touch my kids either.’

Sarah Palin brings up a key point regarding the elites pushing of the COVID vaccine.

If they believed in science why do they constantly lie in their push for it?

If you have natural immunity to COVID why would they also force you to get the vaccine?

Why would they force the vaccine on kids who are at basically no risk of dying from COVID?

It is dishonest and unscientific actions like this that have destroyed the credibility of the US medical establishment.


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