Roy Moore accuser admits part of yearbook signature was forged, written by her

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson admitted that she forged part of the yearbook signature that she said was Judge Roy Moore.


An accuser against Roy Moore admits to altering a portion of her yearbook, calling into question the validity of her allegations against the Senate candidate.

During an interview published Friday, Beverly Nelson admitted to forging part of a note in the yearbook, which has been used as presumed evidence against Moore during his campaign.

The interviewer, who is part of a left-leaning outlet, downplayed the forgery, saying she merely wrote notes underneath the signature.

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“Let’s look at Beverly Nelson; everybody knows her yearbook is a forgery,” said Janet Porter, a spokeswomen for the Moore campaign. ”

Nelson has accused Moore of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1970’s, which he has repeatedly denied.

This is a huge admission. Even though this doesn’t mean his signature isn’t real it makes her claims uncredible. Adding the date and not informing the people about you adding it hands Judge Roy Moore a huge victory. He can now point to this and use it to discredit every other allegation that has been thrown against him. Judge Roy Moore’s entire campaign has been run on being unfairly attacked by the establishment in our country and he keeps getting more ammunition every day.

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