Roger Stone Defends Madison Cawthorn After Bombshell Claim About The Elites

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn made a bombshell claim about the DC elite.

According to Cawthorn he has been invited to orgies by members of Congress and has seen some do cocaine.

GOP Rep Madison Cawthorn Makes Bombshell Claim About The D.C. Elite

This enraged the GOP establishment.

McCarthy is now claiming that Cawthorn is walking back the claims.

GOP Reps Upset With Madison Cawthorn Over Bombshell Claims He Made About The Elites

Roger Stone is telling a different story.

Roger Stone questioned the idea that Cawthorn has walked back the claims saying that we have only heard McCarthy’s side of the story.

Stone also added that he knows for a fact stories about orgies and members of Congress doing cocaine are true.

From The Washington Examiner:

“As someone who lived in Washington, D.C., for 41 years, who was once part of the Washington elite system, everything Madison Cawthorn says is absolutely true,” Stone said. “And I can see why Washington elites would now be scrambling to try to deny it because maybe the voters back home won’t like what they’re hearing.”

“Does anyone really believe that that doesn’t happen? In Washington, in Hollywood, in New York, among elites? I mean, it is — it defies logic. I know for a fact these things happened when I lived there prior to — and this is important — prior to the reaffirmation of my belief in Jesus Christ. I saw these things up close. I’m a different person than I was when I lived in Washington. But I know firsthand that what Cawthorn says is true — it’s true,” he added.

Stone said he spoke with Cawthorn after the controversy emerged, adding that he believes if leaders opt to pursue disciplinary action against the freshman lawmaker over his claims, it could lead to negative political repercussions for McCarthy.

“We communicated only once. He told me he was not backing down from his claims, as I reported that on social media, so I take him at his word. I would, first of all, recognize he works for the people back in North Carolina. He does not work for Kevin McCarthy,” he said.

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