Republicans Move Closer To Taking Over Fulton County Elections

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Update on Fulton County.

Republican lawmakers are moving closer to taking over Fulton County elections.

From CNN:

Republican lawmakers in Georgia are requesting that the state undertake a performance review of local election officials in Fulton County — a move that could result in a GOP takeover of election operations in a heavily Democratic region of this battleground state.

A letter sent Friday to the State Board of Elections and signed by Georgia Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones and four other Republican members of the Georgia House said the review is needed “to assure voter confidence in our elections and help to rectify elections process deficiencies in a county representing 10% of the state’s population.”

A group of Republican senators from the county sent their own letter seeking a review earlier this week, as first reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The ability of state lawmakers to trigger a performance review of local election officials is embedded in a controversial new voting law in Georgia. The law also empowers the State Election Board to replace a county’s election board after conducting a performance review or an investigation and to install a temporary administrator with wide authority to oversee election administration and vote counting.

Fulton County has been exposed as a cesspool of fraud in the 2020 election.

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