Report: Trump “Learned To Be Wary” Of RINO McCarthy

According to a new report, Trump is wary of RINO Gop House Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The rift allegedly comes from the fact that McCarthy’s proposed censure resolution on Jan 6th.

From The Washington Post:

Trump’s aides reportedly told The Post that the former president “has learned to be wary” of McCarthy’s divergent interests, even as they work to regain congressional majorities in 2022 – and with the former president’s own potential 2024 campaign up in the air.

And the former president has not forgotten about McCarthy’s proposed censure resolution related to the insurrection.

“He’ll never get over that,” a Trump advisor told The Post. “It’s really their main disagreement.”

However, amid the talk of dissension, Trump pushed back against the narrative that he has anything other than a productive alliance with McCarthy.

“I have a great relationship with Kevin,” the former president said in a statement to Post.

McCarthy also continues to back some of the RINOs who voted to impeach Trump.

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